How did you first get into the cyber security industry?

I was working at a defence company and when the cyber team expanded I was encouraged to apply for one of the project based roles. I was drawn to the dynamic work environment and variety of problems we had to solve

What’s the most common misconception about working in cyber security?

One of the biggest barriers that stops people considering a career in cyber is the perception that it is a boring or monotonous choice – it still gets confused with IT! Cyber is a global industry with huge breadth of opportunity, and you can transition into various areas of interest as your career evolves

Did you have any inspiring role models when you were young?

Not so much when I was young, but when I first started working in the industry I came across Steve Shirley – Dame Stephanie Shirley. She is a truly entrepreneurial and inspiring philanthropist, with so much humility and integrity – take a look at her TED talk.

What would you say to your 10 year old self?

Choose a technical or science degree or apprenticeship – not just for the knowledge, but for the confidence to communicate with people.

What piece of technology can’t you live without?

A bit naff, but my choice would be a DAB radio – I love music and background chatter. Or Google Maps – I’m very nosey!