I’m a former competitor and winner of Cyber Centurion. In 2018 I led my team to success in Cyber Centurion IV, winning a trip to Northrup Grumman’s
headquarters in Washington DC.

In 2018 I completed my A-levels in Computer Science, Physics and Chemistry, securing a place to study Computer Science at Cardiff University where I am currently entering my final year. I was first introduced to cyber security by my teacher at St George’s School Edgbaston Birmingham, who recognised my interest in problem-solving and my competitive nature. Since then, my interest in inspiring others and the importance of strong role-models has grown and led to interning at the Challenge.

I intend to focus my career on protecting individuals and systems, but in the short term, I hope that the materials developed as part of my internship will support other students to develop similar skills, and inspire a new generation.