What is your role at the Challenge?

I’m supporting major current projects including Cyber Centurion VII and CyberLand, as well as helping with the design and delivery of bespoke projects to the broader client base.

What do you think your experience will bring to the Challenge?

I’m really good at problem-solving and looking at things from a different perspective – I hope I can contribute this skill set to Cyber Security Challenge UK’s position in the market as a thought leader that pioneers innovative approaches to encouraging young talent into the industry. As a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from Exeter University, my experience in tech to date focuses on the practical application of software. I am enthusiastic to get an insight into the world of cyber security education and careers pathways, which for me is totally new.

My university experience includes leading a team of seven to design and develop a novel knee orthotic for osteoarthritis patients, co-founding the new Malmö Parkrun in Sweden, and coordinating orienteering mapping projects.

What about cyber security interests you?

During my time spent at the Paul Scherrer Institut (a large research facility) in Switzerland, I gained some insight into continuously evolving cyber threats and the pressure organisations face to enhance their defences. It became clear to me very quickly that a cyber attack could not only cause significant disruption to the research taking place and the two year waiting list to use the facility, but also the physical safety of colleagues, and potential damage to millions of euros worth of scientific equipment. It’s clear that much is to be done to reduce the global skills shortage in cyber security that touches all industries and sectors, worldwide.