Our mission is to ensure a thriving and inclusive pipeline of talent into the cyber security industry. Established in March 2010, we have developed a series of national competitions, learning programmes and networking initiatives designed to inspire and enable more people from diverse backgrounds to become cyber security professionals.

We identify the next untapped pools of talent in order to encourage participation by those who may not otherwise have considered career pathways into cyber.

To that end, we have developed girls-only cyber camps in order to support gender diversity and neurodiverse events to promote opportunity amongst people whose skills and diverse thinking are suited to the cyber security industry. Our immersive schools programmes, online games and careers fairs provide entry points for students into other UK wide educational programmes such as Cyber First, Cyber Discovery and the CyberCenturion competition. We target students early on in their education, particularly in areas of socio-economic deprivation. But we also highlight entry-level jobs, apprenticeships and further education opportunities, and encourage networking and cyber training right up to university level.