Are your students ready to defend the city from imminent attack?

What is Cyberland?

Cyberland is a series of short, interactive games that function as a readily accessible platform for teaching cyber concepts such as the use of firewalls, staying safe on public wifi and how to spot phishing emails. The games also introduce some of the key roles in cyber and how different individuals work together to protect our systems from attack. Students work individually through the games at their own pace, supported by active physical games and teaching elements to help broaden and contextualise their learning.

How does it work?

Whether you need integrated modules complete with resources and teaching staff or want online elements that function as a subscription to incorporate into existing materials, we can tailor Cyberland to allow you to deliver the materials however works best for you.

Send us a message to find out more about the modules and how we can help you integrate them into your existing classroom materials.

Let your students save Cyberland!