Rules and Eligibility

The eligibility rules below must be accepted in order for you to register for, and participate in, any of the Challenge PoD/Cyphinx hosted Competitions:

Age and Eligibility

PoD/Cyphinx Competitions and Face-to-Face qualifiers: Open to all ages though the material is most likely to be suited to those aged 16 and above. Contestants under 18 will need to be accompanied by an Adult.


You must be a UK or an EU Citizen and resident in the UK to participate. You must be able to provide proof of British or European Citizenship i.e. Passport or a Birth certificate as and when required. If you currently work in the Cyber Security Profession you cannot attend a Face-to-Face Competition or win a Career enabling prize.


Once you have won a place at Masterclass you will not be able to play at further Face-to-Face Competitions in that calendar year.

IMPORTANT: If you are successful in gaining employment in a cyber role in between competing at a Face-to-Face and the Masterclass you will be required to give up your place. This is to give as many people the chance to progress to a Masterclass.

If you have participated in 3 or more Masterclasses, you will be ineligible to participate in any further Face-to-Face Competitions. You can however, continue to play the PoD/Cyphinx Competitions and Face-to-Face qualifiers and the University Competitions, though we would recommend you didn’t, this is to allow as many new players the opportunity to take part and qualify.

If you are the Champion at a Masterclass you will be ineligible to participate in any future Face-to-Face Competitions, again, this is to offer as many contestants as possible the chance to progress to Masterclass. You can however continue to play the PoD/Cyphinx Competitions and the University Competitions.

All players will then be invited to join our Alumni group.

University Competitions

Open to all ages, though the material is most likely to be suited to those aged 18 and above. You must be a UK/EU national and resident in the UK to participate. Due to funding, UK nationals will be prioritised when places are allocated for these events; if you are an EU national please do apply and we will facilitate places where possible.

Schools Competitions

Presently open to all those who are in Secondary Education resident in the UK.

Working in Cyber Security

If you are currently working in Cyber Security then you can play our PoD/Cyphinx Competitions or the University Competitions. However, you will not be entitled to participate in any Face-to-Face Competitions leading through to Masterclass. Examples of Cyber Security Jobs include Penetration Tester, Threat Consultant, Cyber Security Software Engineer, Security Operations Analyst. For examples please see the list here

If you are unsure as to whether your employment counts as working in the cyber Profession please get in touch. If you participate and gain a place at a Face-to-Face event and then are found to be already employed in Cyber Security you will be disqualified immediately.


When playing in our Competitions you must not do anything to contravene any UK Law or do anything to bring Cyber Security Challenge UK or any of its Sponsors into ill repute.

By downloading content  (all media types) from the Cyber Security Challenge UK Play on Demand platform you agree that you indemnify Cyber Security Challenge UK from any claims for loss or damage to hardware/ software or personal data.