Main competitions programme when running (PoD, CyPhinx and F2Fs)

The eligibility rules below must be accepted in order for you to register for, and participate in, any of the Challenge PoD/Cyphinx hosted competitions:

Age and Eligibility

PoD/Cyphinx Competitions and Face-to-Face qualifiers: You must be 16 or over to compete in these competitions.  Exceptions may be made for exceptional talent under 16 – this is at the discretion of the organisers. Contestants under 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult when attending any physical competitions.


You must be a UK or an EU Citizen and resident in the UK to participate. You must be able to provide proof of British or European Citizenship i.e. Passport or a Birth certificate as and when required. If you currently work in the Cyber Security Profession you cannot attend a Face-to-Face Competition or win a Career enabling prize.

Media & publicity

If you wish to take part in our competitions, you MUST be open to being photographed and for those images to be used for the purposes of marketing and promotion (both internally and externally of the Challenge). By competing in our competitions you agree that you are happy for at least your first name to be used throughout publicity and if you become a winner you will support the Challenge’s mission by taking part in interviews following your win.


You are not eligible to compete in any further Face-to-Face competitions if:

  • You have competed in Face-to-Face competitions for more that 3 consecutive years
  • In all of these circumstances, you may continue to play the PoD/Cyphinx competitions, for fun only, and and may take part in university, school or careers events if you are eligible to attend those.

University Competitions – when running

Open to all ages, though the material is most likely to be suited to those aged 18 and above. You must be a UK/EU national and resident in the UK to participate. Due to funding, UK nationals will be prioritised when places are allocated for these events; if you are an EU national please do apply and we will facilitate places where possible.

Schools Competitions

Our schools programme is open to a range of ages, from 10 years old upwards. Each event or competition may have it’s own criteria for entry, so please visit the specific pages of the website for more information.

Cyber Security professionals

If you are currently working in Cyber Security then you can play our PoD/Cyphinx competitions or the university competitions. However, you will not be entitled to participate in any Face-to-Face Competitions.

If you are unsure as to whether your employment counts as working in the cyber profession please get in touch. If you participate and gain a place at a Face-to-Face event and then are found to be already employed in Cyber Security you will be disqualified immediately.

The exception to this is the European Cyber Security Challenge competition and its associated qualifiers, which are open to industry professionals under 25 years of age.

When playing our competitions you must not do anything to contravene any UK Law or do anything to bring Cyber Security Challenge UK or any of its sponsors into ill repute.

By downloading content (all media types) from the Cyber Security Challenge UK Play-on-Demand (PoD) platform you agree that you indemnify Cyber Security Challenge UK from any claims for loss or damage to hardware/ software or personal data.