Could you represent the UK in the European Cyber Security Challenge?

Posted — 26.05.2017

To kick start your summer Cyber Security Challenge UK is launching a new competition in partnership with Roke. This is unlike any of our other competitions, the rules have changed! Not only will get the chance to secure a spot on Team UK for the European Cyber Security Challenge but also there are ten places at our grand finale, Masterclass, up for grabs!

This competition is also unique as we are inviting industry professionals, aged 25 or under, to compete for a place in the European team.

Both competitions have different entry criteria, so please check the grid below to know which you will be competing for. The highest scorers of our qualifying rounds will be invited to battle it out for the coveted places at these two competitions.

If you are new to Challenge competitions, you can find some helpful tools in our toolkit.

Let us know how you are doing. You can find us on Twitter (#CyberF2F), Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


How do I qualify?

It’s simple. There is a set of qualifiers – two games and one quick form – which are now live and available on Cyphinx and our play-on-demand system, PoD. You must complete all three to win a place at the competition. The games are designed to test a range of skills, more information below. The top scorers from these games will be invited to the face-to-face event. Please note that these qualifiers will close at 5pm on Wednesday 21st of June.

Tell me more about the competitions…

There are 40 places up for grabs at Roke’s Face to Face competition, which will take place on Friday 7th of July in Romsey, Hampshire. Those who qualify will be provided with one nights B&B on Thursday 6th of July in Southampton at no extra cost. There will be an ice breaker event that evening to help you get to know each other.

The top scorers from the F2F will then be invited to attend one of these events (specific criteria apply for each, please see below):

Tell me more about the games…

IMPORTANT: Please remember that the qualifiers will close at 5pm on Wednesday 21st of June and that you must complete all three.

Roke F2F Qualifier 1 “Mostly secure”

Can you help? We’ve been looking through some of our code repositories and have found a number of instances of authentication and security-related functions that we just don’t trust – unfortunately the author had a bit of a reputation for doing only almost the right thing! Your task is to examine these examples of code (they are all in C) and write small fragments of test code to demonstrate weaknesses in the six examples that we’ve found.

This game is now live in: Secure Development, Coding – Medium

Roke F2F Qualifier 2 “Odd one out” 

Do you know what normal looks like? We have some collections of short network captures of various protocol stacks. There are multiple repeats of each capture, but one of them is the ‘odd one out’: something about it is inconsistent – it doesn’t fit the sequence or is just plain wrong. This is a test of how well you understand the nuts and bolts of network protocols and captures and your ability to spot what’s wrong. Can you solve it?

This game is now live in: Forensics Analysis – Medium

2017 Roke Qualifying Questionnaire

This is a short six-question form to fill in which will check your eligibility to qualify for different competition strands. You must complete this as well as the games in order to qualify for the face-to-face.

This form is now live in: Audit, review, compliance – easy

Log into Cyphinx or PoD now to play both qualifiers.

What is the eligibility criteria:

There are two sets of eligibility criteria, depending on whether you are competing for a place in Masterclass or a place in the European competition, please see below.


European Cyber Security Challenge – UK team

A UK citizen or an EU citizen living in the UK A UK citizen only
Not already in a cyber security role Any experience welcome
Over 16 years old Age limit: 14-25 at time of qualification, the cut-off date is 31st of December this current year.

Proof of identity will be required to be shown at the face-to-face competition before competing