IISP launches whitepaper on state of cyber industry

Posted — 30.05.2018

Now in its third year, the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) security survey represents data and input drawn from practitioners in the security profession. The resulting whitepaper “The Cyber and Information Security Profession in 2017/18” by IISP Director Piers Wilson can be downloaded below. The aim of the survey is to solicit member views on the Institute; what it does well, what could be improved and the state of information security in general.

Findings include:

  • A small shift towards better gender balance in cyber security, with females accounting for just 5% of the survey in 2015, compared to 10% in 2017
  • A general feeling that the industry is dealing with failures and breaches better than two years ago but that budgets are still rising behind threat levels
  • Among new innovations the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and AI/machine learning are seen to be the most disruptive to cyber security
  • The biggest factors impacting the sector still remain insufficient resources and insufficient skills – with people being seen overwhelmingly as the biggest challenge faced by the industry with 82% selecting this over process (10%) or technology (8%)
  • Less than 40% of the industry have a clearly defined career plan
  • Top factors attracting people to take security jobs include money/remuneration, opportunity/scope for progression and variety of work
  • Top factors that cause people to leave security jobs include opportunity/scope for progression, money/remuneration and bad/ineffectual/ unpleasant management