FT Cyber Security Summit Europe: Dangers in Cyberspace – is Europe Doing Enough?

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  • FT Cyber Security Summit Europe

    Marriott Hotel
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The cyber security onslaught continues, from all directions. Denial-of-service hackers, financial fraudsters, organised criminal gangs, terrorists, unfriendly states – wherever the attacks come from, they are increasing in number and becoming more difficult to defend against.

Businesses are having to invest more money and effort to make cyberspace safer for themselves and their customers. Governments are ramping up the defences too. The European Union’s Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive, which will be transposed into the national laws of all member states by the spring of 2018, will boost the overall level of cyber security in the EU. Individual states are taking additional measures, as exemplified by the UK which in 2016 extended its National Cyber Security Strategy for another five years with a budget of £1.9bn. Brexit also throws up some big questions. Will Britain continue to comply with the NIS Directive? And if Britain leaves Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency, will that degrade Europe’s cyber defences?

The event

The fourth annual FT Cyber Security Summit Europe will discuss the seriousness of the cyber threat facing Europe and explore the solutions. Moderated by Financial Times journalists, this must-attend event will provide a thorough assessment of the dangers in cyberspace and how businesses and governments are investing in better defences for a more secure future.

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