European Cyber Security Challenge 2017 Team

Posted — 16.08.2017

Cyber Security Challenge UK has now chosen its team of young talents to take part in the European Cyber Security Challenge being held on Malaga. And this year, the rules have changed.

Young industry professionals were invited to qualify for the competition, (as long as they were 25 and under), as well as budding amateur enthusiasts. There are still two age group categories which means there are five participants aged 14-20 years and five aged 21-25 years. They have all been chosen thanks to their outstanding aptitude for codebreaking, social engineering, network security and digital forensics.

This year’s competition will take place in Malaga, Spain in October, bringing together teams from 15 countries: Germany, Spain, Romania, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia and the UK.

The competition itself takes place on one day, with time in Malaga for set up as well as networking at the adjacent conference. It will task competitors with deciphering complex codes, analysing computer networks and conducting a full investigation into security scenarios, like those organisations face on a day-to-day basis.

The team who were chosen at the recent face to face event hosted by Roke Manor, are:

Seniors: Laurence, Matt, Harvey, Tom and Edward

Juniors: Sophia, Kieran, David B, David O and Ben

BAE SystemsThe team are now undergoing some training with Tim Pullen from BAE Systems.