#CyberF2F: New qualifier launched

Posted — 22.06.2018

Hi trainee,
Thanks for agreeing to help us. We’ve had an awful lot of work come in over the past week and we’re grateful for an extra pairs of hands. Below you’ll find the briefs we have assigned you for each of our current clients and what we know so far.
Our priorities are the first two tasks, Capture Quest and Ghost in the Logs, so start with those. You will need to have some patience, they aren’t easy, but we hear you’re good. If you get any time, then approach the other briefs we have allocated to your workload. As a trainee, if you do well in these, we are thinking of inviting you to try out for a role. Get started now.
Good Luck!
QQGCC Head Office



This is a new Cyber Security Challenge Face-to-Face competition, the scenario fictional. Please see below for the competition rules and FAQs.


About the competition

How do I play?
To play our competitions you will need to signup/login to our Play-on-Demand system through the Cyber Security Challenge UK website. You can then find the games on the PoD system under: Ciphers (String Scrambler & Pi Faced), Forensic Analysis: Hard (Capture Quest), and Incident Analysis and Malware Investigation: Medium (Ghost in the logs). Note: It is mandatory to complete Capture Quest and Ghost in the logs to win your place.

What do I win?
These challenges have been set by HMGCC and QinetiQ who will be hosting our final Face-to-Face (semi-final) of 2018 on Friday 14th September in Farnborough, Hampshire. The top scorers of this qualifier, who meet our eligibility criteria, will be invited to this fantastic event and play for their chance of a Grand Final place.

Rules for our competitions
Anyone can play our games but to win places at our event, you must meet the eligibility outlined here.

  1. Only one entry per registered account holder will be accepted, multiple entries via different accounts will result in disqualification
  2. If you have any issues with any of these qualifiers, or need help, please contact the team at: competitions@cybersecuritychallenge.org.uk
  3. These qualifiers will close 12pm on Friday 3rd August with invites to attend the F2F to follow the week after