#CyberF2F: Ever fancied being a law enforcement officer?

Posted — 08.06.2018

Our next #CyberF2F qualifier is now open, with thanks to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

In this task, you get to take on a cyber forensics mission that will  test your forensic examination skills, basic investigation abilities and will explore a range of UK policy and legislation. This will really test whether you have what it take to be a Cyber Law Enforcement Officer. Are you ready?

Your task:

  • Investigate a forensic image file relating to a device recovered from a suspect to find evidence of criminal activity.
  • Gather Open Source intelligence from a suspect’s social media profile.
  • Provide innovative ideas about how to solve a complex investigative issue which can earn you extra points based on its innovation or ability to gather the evidence required.

For this job, you will need:

  • An inquisitive mind and want to find answers to complex issues.
  • A Forensic tool capable of ingesting and analysing an E01 file (there’s lots of good free tools out there, but please download from reputable sites).
    Hint: You should spend some time getting to know your Forensic tool before you start.
  • Access to social media (please stay safe online and follow advice).
    Hint: It would be beneficial if you had accounts before you start. 

Get started now

About the competition

How do I play?
To play our competitions you will need to signup/login to our Play-on-Demand system through the Cyber Security Challenge UK website. You can then find the game on the PoD system under forensic analysis – medium (ID: 234).

What do I win?

This challenge has been set by the National Crime Agency’s cyber team (NCCU), who will be hosting our next Face-to-Face on Friday 17th August. The top scorers of this competition, who meet our eligibility criteria, will be invited to this fantastic event.

Rules for our competitions
Anyone can play our games but to win places at our event, you must meet the eligibility outlined here.

Only 1 entry per registered account holder will be accepted, multiple entries via different accounts will result in disqualification
If you have any issues with any of these qualifiers, or need help, please contact the team at: competitions@cybersecuritychallenge.org.uk
These qualifiers will close 12pm on Friday 20th July with invites to attend the F2F to follow the week after


About careers

Careers at the National Crime Agency
Find out more about the National Crime Agency and it’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) here. Interested in a career in the NCA?  Why not take a look at our vacancies which are updated regularly.  If there isn’t a job on there that interests you at the moment keep checking.

Careers in law enforcement
Careers in UK law enforcement are not limited to the NCA. Local Police Force Cyber Crime Units are being set up across the UK and Regional Cyber Crime Units are already in place, both offer full time careers and Special (volunteer) opportunities. If you would like to get involved, keep your eyes peeled for vacancies on your local Police Force careers page or their social media accounts..