Cyber Crime Intervention Days

Posted — 14.08.2018

Over the past year, Cyber Security Challenge UK has been working with the National Crime Agency (NCA), Regional Cyber Crime Units and the cyber security industry to roll our Cyber Intervention Days. These workshops were set up to help young people who have committed, or are at risk of committing cyber crimes to change course and use their skills on the right side of the law.

The day-long workshops serve as an intervention to help them understand the law, ethics and the opportunities within the sector. Much in the way that people are given an awareness course for speeding, these workshops are designed to help them not to suffer serious convictions, but to learn about their mistakes and not commit them again. Alongside the track for young people, a separate series of workshops runs for the young people’s parents, including input on spotting the signs of criminality. Speakers have included former Cease and Desist recipients, as well as officers from the Regional Cyber Crime Units, NCA, Cyber Security Challenge UK and industry organisations, BT, IRM Grillatech.

Recent media coverage of this programme has included:

CNET – Inside the boot camp reforming teenage hackers

The Register – UK cyber cops: Infosec pros could help us divert teens from ‘dark side’

Radio 5 Live – Podcast coming soon

The purpose of this programme is to help young people realise their potential and the opportunities that await them in the cyber security industry. If you, or someone you know would benefit from learning more about cyber careers, CSCUK is hosting a brand new cyber careers event – Cyber Re:coded – with a host of potential employers, workshops, games and competitions. Sign up now for your free ticket.


The original press announcement for the first workshop can be found here. If you have a media enquiry about this programme, please contact