Cyber Security Challenge UK has developed a working partnership with the NCA to produce free teaching resources to help parents and teachers across the UK to raise awareness of the issue of cyber crime amongst young people.

Inspiring the next generation of Cyber Security Professionals

Cyber security is the protection of systems, networks and data in cyber space. Although the threats may be ICT-related, the consequences of cyber-attacks can be very human. Take the recent eBay password hacking which affected over 220 million people worldwide causing every customer to change their password.

As the risk to these systems posed by cyber-crime rises and organisations improve their understanding of the security threats they face, they are doing more to manage the associated risks. This had led to an increased demand for people with the right kinds of skills and knowledge. Through the National Cyber Security Programme, funded by the Cabinet Office, a number of initiatives are running to help step up the scale and breadth of talented school children going into the field of cyber security in order to meet this ever increasing demand.