Insight Camps

The Cyber Security Challenge are running various Camps for undergraduates throughout 2016 including our Insight Camps

The exercises will help develop communication and business skills as well as technical skills. Businesses might offer endorsement and practical support in a variety of ways that suits them (e.g. involvement in setting/running exercises, presenting to participants about career opportunities, providing refreshments/venues).

Priority will be given to students in year 2 and 3 of their degree.  Given the nature of the funding for this initiative, places will be offered  to UK Nationals as a priority, followed by EU nationals resident in the UK.

You will be expected to undertake the foundation level qualification in your own time, after the camp. The cost of this is met by Cyber Security Challenge UK, so if you do not complete with a six month timeframe following the camp, you will be asked to pay back the cost of this course.

What students think

Regarding the CV and employability session

Bal Rai is clearly renowned in his field and his advice has helped immensely! I feel ten times more confident about the employment process after this presentation!

Easily the best advice I have ever been given regarding CV’s, interviews and applications in general. Will be putting a lot of Bal’s advice into action.

Regarding technical demonstrations by BAE AI

This was my favourite presentation of the whole weekend, social engineering is so important in terms of security and it’s not often talked about. Both speakers were brilliant and the stories and examples were highly interesting.

Great to hear his personal accounts of working in the industry, found the rogue access point research they had done fascinating, this could have easily been a session on its own.

Regarding the Careers Fair

When I compare the careers fair at the cyber security camp to the employers fair held at my university just a week before there is no comparison. Employers here actually wanted to talk to me and seemed genuinely interested in having me join their company. Everyone I spoke to was friendly, informative and fascinating.

Upcoming camps

25 -27 November
Ethicon, Oxford University