Development Camps

As part of our mission to provide more extended opportunities to our contestants, we are working with our Sponsors to provide Cyber Development Camps.

The camp will consist of a mixture of briefings and team based challenges with each day emphasising different cyber security related capabilities.

Who are they aimed at?

Development Camps are for our contestants that have a desire to secure a cyber-security job. If you are currently working in an IT role and want to transition into security, the camps would give you an ideal opportunity to hone some of your skills. Or perhaps you don’t currently work in this field but have a passion for technology and an inquisitive mind; or you maybe a recent graduate trying to fell your way into the industry.

Where are they?

Development camps are held at Universities or other environments where accommodation and classrooms are available at a reasonable cost and will usually be spread over 3 days. Participants are expected to pay their own travelling and accommodation costs, and although the costs will be kept to a minimum. We do ask for a commitment to attend for the whole 3 days.

Each day brings a different challenge and activities may be team based or individual so you can demonstrate and develop a range of skills. This is a unique opportunity for contestants to get to know one another and also a chance to meet sponsors who may be looking to recruit. Business mentors can help you learn.