Face to Face

Those who do well in the virtual Competitions are then invited to take part in further Challenges which are called Face to Face (F2F) Competitions which are developed by our Sponsors and are a real opportunity to demonstrate your skills.

They are usually held on Fridays and we pay for the reasonable cost of travel and accommodation. We hold an “Ice Breaker” session the evening before, this is to get the Contestants into their teams and working together before the following days Competition. These Competitions may be individual or team based.

We have an agreed Assessment Framework which helps identify the winners who are invited to the next stage – our Masterclass event which identifies the overall Cyber Security Champion for the year.

Many of our Sponsors will attend these events – they are on the lookout for potential recruits or may have internships on offer. We provide every F2F Contestant with a Certificate showing the nature of the Competition and these are often used to show potential employers that real experience has been gained in particular field.

All those who take part in our F2F Competitions are then invited to join our Alumni Group.

So, if you want to develop your skills, meet other like minded people and improve your chance of getting a job in Cyber Security then why not get playing one of our online games now and see how well you do.

2018 F2F’s

UPDATE: Our 2018 F2F programme is finalised with the following 4 events now confirmed:

  1. Bank of England, Friday May 4th in London (Completed)
  2. NCC Group, Friday 15th June in Manchester (Completed)
  3. NCA, Friday 17th August at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham (Completed)
  4. HMGCC & QinetiQ, Friday 14th September at QinetiQ Farnborough (Completed)

Please remember that all F2F’s include one night’s B&B the preceding night for those contestants invited to attend at no extra cost to themselves. The Challenge also pays “reasonable” costs for our contestants to travel to these events as well.

2019 F2F’s, more news coming soon…….