Are you aged 12-18 and enjoy puzzles, code breaking and cyber? Then our CyberCenturion competition could be just the thing for you.

Over the past two years we have seen over 100 teams compete from across the UK and Overseas Territories, but we’d love to see more!

How CyberCenturion works

CyberCenturion is a competition that is led by Northrop Grumman, in partnership with Cyber Security Challenge UK and mirrors the US CyberPatriot competition, a major US STEM education programme presented by the Northrop Grumman Foundation and created by the US Air Force Association. We are invested in replicating the success of CyberPatriot, which has already engaged more than 250,000 students, educating them on the opportunities in cyber security across the US. It is open to anyone with an interest in cyber, defence, puzzles and code breaking.

The competition is played by teams of four, with an optional reserve player. Each team must include a responsible adult as the liaison between the organisers and the participants, and every team participant must be aged 12-18 years during the entirety of the competition; to include the final. We have a separate University Programme in the UK for University Students and therefore CyberCenturion is closed to University teams. The competition is, however, open to anyone in the UK or overseas territories that meets the age requirements and has the correct team format (including leader).

To encourage further diversity in the competition there will be a series of ‘tracks’ for CyberCenturion: girls only teams, boys only teams, mixed teams and cadet teams. Read more on this here. Places in the final will be awarded to the top scoring teams in the overall leaderboard and each tracks’ leaderboard.  The National Finals of CyberCenturion will take place in early March 2018 in London with 10 teams battling it out for prizes and the accolade of CyberCenturion champion 2018.

Each team must play a series of online qualifying rounds, which will challenge them to learn about networking, defence and cyber security. If the team scores higher than most of the other players and makes it to the leader board, then they will be invited to play in the National Final, a face-to-face competition which finds the ultimate champion team for the year.

To view or download an infographic please click on the link below.

Registration for CyberCenturion V will open soon, please email our team here to express your interest and receive notification when registration is open.