Women in Cyber

Women have always been at the forefront of cyber security and computing. From Ada Lovelace to Margaret Hamilton, history is filled with women who have contributed hugely to the progression of technology. However, at present only around 10% of the industry is female so attracting more women into cyber roles is incredibly important to us to increase diversity.

We are dedicated to changing perceptions of the cyber industry for women. It is not a job that sees you coding for days on end, it involves a lot of other skills like communication, leadership, management and psychology, many of which women are ideal for.

To celebrate the amazing females in our industry, we are delighted to share some of their stories, top tips and advice to those considering careers in cyber security.


Mivy is the Head of Consulting for National Security and Defence, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. She worked towards and took a degree course in Computer Science & Maths having previously discovered the joy of writing code when she was just nine years old. Alongside her degree she took every opportunity to work as a coder, leading to a career as an analyst initially, then into technical leadership – leaving her coding days behind her.

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Jane is the founder of Cyber Security Capital and the IN Security Movement. Jane isn’t your typical ‘techie’, having started out studying art and design during her university years. She went on to set up her own cyber security practice with a fresh approach and a sheer determination. Years later, she is not only a successful businesswoman but a highly acclaimed author and a celebrated influencer in the industry worldwide.

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Lucy is a Delivery Lead at Panaseer. Deciding that the world of chemistry wasn’t for her, she became involved in data analysis and took a small jump into the world of cyber security becoming a Cyber Investigator and learning on the job. She now heads up a team, consulting on product solutions, having a strong impact in the field.

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Jade is the Managing Director of The AntiSocial Engineer Limited. She overcame self-doubt and broke the mould on what jobs ‘women could do’, channelling her business savvy and human behaviour skills into a growing business. Now she does a job that changes someone’s life for the better each and every day.

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Helena looks after Human Centred Design for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. She started her career training in graphic design with the intent of working in advertising, but she soon became gripped by studying human behaviour. She equipped herself with further education in psychology and cognition and began a new pathway into user experience and creating design with human behaviour at the forefront.

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As an astrophysicist, Leila knew that the sky was the limit for her career options. She took her knowledge of data science and her immaculate attention to detail and channelled these towards a new career in cyber security as a security data scientist.

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